When your animal companion is not feeling well, what’s bothering them is not always easily detectable on the surface of the skin. Veterinary diagnostics are tools that allow our doctors to look below the surface and discover what’s happening inside your pet’s body. This allows for fast and accurate diagnosis so the appropriate course of treatment can be determined and implemented. With many conditions, time is of the essence. Diagnostics provide us with the speed we need to identify and address issues quickly, improving patient outcome.

Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic offers a broad range of veterinary diagnostic services to help manage the ongoing health of our patients, from routine blood work and urinalysis to digital radiology (x-ray) and ultrasound. Additionally, our convenient on-site laboratory aids in the quick and accurate retrieval of test results. Whatever is bothering your beloved companion, we’re prepared to get to the bottom of it so we can help return them to their normal, healthy lifestyle as soon as possible.