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Does Your Four-Legged Family Member Need Pet Insurance?

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Does Your Four-Legged Family Member Need Pet Insurance?

Unexpected medical issues occur daily so our veterinarians recommend pet parents purchase insurance that is right for their four-legged family member’s breed, lifestyle, and personality.  Here are three reasons why you and Fluffy or Fido might benefit from purchasing a pet insurance policy: Puppies and kittens are curious, fearless and know few boundaries.  They learn … Read moreDoes Your Four-Legged Family Member Need Pet Insurance?

Feline Kidney Disease is Serious

There’s a strong possibility that eventually your cat will need treatment or management of kidney disease – it’s the #1 cause of death in cats over the age of 10. In addition, it’s estimated more than half of cats over the age of 15 have reduced kidney function. What’s even scarier is that your feline friends rarely show any symptoms, and they’re easy to miss when they do.

Protect Your Family from Tick-Borne Diseases

Eighty percent of human vector-borne diseases (infections transmitted to humans by blood-feeding mosquitos, fleas and ticks) are caused by ticks and the Companion Animal Parasite Council reports there was a 37% increase in Lyme disease cases between 2015 and 2019. Protection from ticks, the pesky parasites that transmit Lyme disease, is especially important so here are three ways to safeguard your family:

Fear Free is Better Veterinary Medicine!

We’re proud to be the first veterinary clinic in DuPage County with Fear Free Certified Professionals. Fear Free is a relatively new movement within the veterinary community that focuses on reducing fear, anxiety, and stress while your pet is at the veterinary clinic. Its rigorous training and certification program help veterinarians modify clinic procedures, handling, and facilities so pets feel safe and comfortable receiving the veterinary care they need.

Early Puppy and Kitten Socialization Saves Lives!

January is National Train Your Dog Month! A well-trained dog is less likely to exhibit behavioral problems later in life but did you know that proper socialization for puppies is the best way to prevent future issues? Appropriate socialization, which includes exposing puppies to new people, animals, stimuli and environments – during the first three months when sociability outweighs fears – is especially important.

Keep Track of Your Pet’s Vet Care with PetDesk!

BRVC’s free PetDesk client app helps manage your four-legged family members’ lives so you don’t have to!  You can request veterinary appointments and medication and food refills 24/7, set reminders for recurring vet services, treatments, and medications, receive important notifications from us, and take notes to keep in mind for your next visit.  In addition, … Read moreKeep Track of Your Pet’s Vet Care with PetDesk!

The ABCs of Diabetes

November is National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, and it’s important because many families are unaware their pet can develop this disease. If Fluffy or Fido is lethargic or excessively thirsty or hungry, urinates frequently, or has experienced unexplained weight loss, a trip to our clinic is highly recommended.