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The Dirty Truth About Dogs and Worms

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Dr. Palmer Talks About The Need For Tooth Brushing

Dr. Fraser Hale, a well known veterinary dentist, once wrote, “You cannot treat disease with preventative measure.” He was referring to all that a pet owner can do to prevent gingivitis, tartar accumulation, and periodontal disease on a daily basis.  However, once those issues have progressed to periodontal disease, the problems cannot simply be brushed … Read moreDr. Palmer Talks About The Need For Tooth Brushing

Protecting Your Puppy from Parvovirus

Parvovirus is a dangerous medical condition that attacks the lining of a dog’s digestive system. Puppies are particularly susceptible to this condition because their immune systems are not yet fully developed and mature enough to fight it. Parvo is dangerous and potentially deadly because it prevents the affected animal from being able to digest important … Read moreProtecting Your Puppy from Parvovirus