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Be Prepared for a Pet Emergency

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Be Prepared for a Pet Emergency

April is National First Aid Awareness Month, which is a great time to remind you that it is extremely important to have basic information and first aid supplies in your household. If an emergency does occur, make sure Fido or Fluffy is safe and breathing, stop any profuse bleeding, and then call for help. 

We all want our best friends to stay happy and healthy, and having these first aid essentials conveniently on-hand will make you more prepared to deal with any unfortunate medical situations.

  • Phone numbers: Have our number (630-598-0600) immediately available, as well as ASPCA’s poison control hotline (888-426-4435) and the number of the local emergency veterinary clinic closest to your home.
  • Paperwork: Keep handy your pet’s proof of rabies vaccination, medical records, prescriptions, microchip number and a current photo in case s/he gets lost. Remember that users of our free PetDesk app have 24/7 access to their pet’s vaccine and prescription history, microchip number and a photo if one was uploaded to the app.
  • Bandages and wraps: Gauze, nonstick bandages, towels or strips of clean cloth can be helpful to   wrap or protect wounds or control bleeding.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen peroxide induces vomiting but requires accurate dosing based on weight to be effective. Pets that ingest certain poisons should not be encouraged to vomit so always contact us or poison control first before treating for toxic substance ingestion.
  • Digital thermometer: Use a rectal, not an oral, thermometer to check your pet’s temperature.
  • Eye dropper or large syringe without a needle: These items will help you give oral treatments to your pet or to flush wounds.

There are also first aid kits available for purchase online. Please note that any first aid administered to your pet should be followed up by immediate veterinary care. A first aid kit is great to have around the house or car, but always remember to call the experts when things go awry!

For more information on first aid for pets, or if you need help compiling a kit at home, please call us at 630-598-0600.