Five Facts about Pet Insurance

Unexpected medical issues occur daily so our veterinarians recommend pet parents purchase insurance that is right for their four-legged family member’s breed, lifestyle, and personality. Here are five pet insurance facts Burr Ridge Veterinary Clinic’s doctors want you to know.

Most insurance plans allow you to choose your veterinarian. Unlike human health insurance plans, most pet insurance companies don’t use networks so you may continue to visit your current vet and consult with veterinary specialists that may be needed to keep Fido or Fluffy in good health.

Some plans cover all breeds, even those with hereditary or congenital issues. Gone are the days when the list of breeds not covered was longer than the list of breeds insurance companies would cover! Although there are exceptions, many pet insurance companies no longer deny coverage for breeds such as golden retrievers and boxers who are known for hereditary and/or congenital health issues, including cancer.

Many insurance companies allow you to choose a deductible, co-pay, and maximum benefit so you can select coverage that works well with your budget. You have many options now to create an insurance plan that works best for you. Deductibles start at $100, co-pays range between 70% – 100%, and some plans have no annual reimbursement maximum.

Some policies will reimburse you for wellness exams, vaccinations, and parasite preventatives. In addition to the services and products listed above, a number of pet insurance companies offer benefits for preventative services including annual bloodwork and stool sample diagnostic testing, spay/neuter surgery, nutritional supplements, microchipping, and dental cleanings.

A pet insurance plan can easily pay for itself if your pet develops a chronic illness like diabetes. Chronic diseases can be very expensive to manage and treat. For example, a newly diagnosed diabetic patient will need a series of day-long, in-hospital stays to monitor glucose levels and determine the correct insulin dose. As with a number of human insulin products, costs have skyrocketed for insulin products used by pets, and can range from $50-$200 for a month’s supply.

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