Fear Free/In-Home Visits

We understand that visiting the vet can be a stressful experience for some pets and do our best to make sure our patients are comfortable while at the clinic. To help pets feel more relaxed while receiving veterinary care, BRVC was the first veterinary clinic in DuPage County with Fear Free Certified Professionals and offers in-home mobile vet visits selected Mondays each month.

Fear Free

Fear Free is a comprehensive training and certification program that helps veterinarians modify clinic procedures, handling, and facilities to help pets feel safe and comfortable while receiving the medical care they need. This allows us to make sure each pet receives all of the medical treatments needed for good physical health with an equal commitment to the emotional health of our patients. Your pet will be examined wherever it feels most comfortable – on a non-skid floor or exam room surface – or in your lap. We use soft voices and calming sounds in the exam room and have a wide assortment of tasty treats to distract patients during vaccines, blood draws, and nail trims. And, we’re happy to stop and take a break during the exam if your four-legged family member needs more time to relax.

Fear Free

In-Home Visits

In-home veterinary visits remove the difficulty of transporting fearful or anxious pets, allowing our mobile vet, Dr. Karen E. Angele, DVM, to assess and treat a pet’s physical health while respecting and supporting its emotional health. Services available during a mobile vet visit – offered to pet owners who live within 10 miles of the clinic – include wellness exams, vaccinations, blood draws for heartworm screening and other routine diagnostics, fecal and urine testing, and medication dispensing. End-of-life care is also available to allow owners who wish to help their beloved pet pass in the comfort of their own home surrounded by the people and pets that love and support them.

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