The ABCs of Diabetes

November is National Pet Diabetes Awareness Month, and it’s important because many families are unaware their pet can develop this disease. If Fluffy or Fido is lethargic or excessively thirsty or hungry, urinates frequently, or has experienced unexplained weight loss, a trip to our clinic is highly recommended.

Preventative Veterinary Care Saves Lives

Preventative healthcare provides the foundation for your four-legged family member’s ongoing good health and wellbeing. Annual or semi-annual (recommended for senior dogs and cats) visits allow our veterinarians to gather a complete and accurate snapshot of your pet’s health so that any changes can be addressed in a timely manner and monitored.  Preventative care includes: […]

You Hold the Key to Keep Your Pet Pain Free

Pets, like people, experience pain from chronic conditions including arthritis, when injured or during recovery from a surgical or dental procedure. Because Fido or Fluffy can’t tell us if or when they hurt, one of the most important conversations our doctors have with pet owners is whether or not they’ve noticed any changes to their pet’s quality of life.

Why is My Pet Itchy?

Pets, like people, can have allergies which means you may see them scratching, licking their feet, or chewing on their fur.   An allergic reaction occurs when the immune system is hypersensitive to a particular substance called an allergen.  The three most frequent types of allergies pets can experience are listed below in order of occurrence: […]

Protect Your Pet from Fire Dangers

Did you know an estimated 500,000 household pets are affected by home fires each year?  Our veterinarians recommend these tips to help keep your non-human family members safe from fire dangers and how to keep them from accidentally starting those blazes as well: Extinguish candles and unplug other fire hazards before leaving home – animals […]

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