Dr. Adkesson Warns of Halloween Hazards

Halloween is soon approaching and we are all looking forward to the fun and festivities. However, we do need to be aware of some of the hazards that can pose issues for our furry little family members. The most common problem we see around Halloween is the family dog (or cat) getting into the chocolate […]

The Dirty Truth About Dogs and Worms

We’ve all heard about dogs with “worms” or remember our dog as a puppy coughing up or pooping out a white stringy thing.  Eeeeeeew!  It’s usually not something that dog owners think about often, but should you?  The answer is yes.  The first and most important reason is that some intestinal parasites, specifically Roundworms, and […]

Dr. Palmer Talks About The Need For Tooth Brushing

Dr. Fraser Hale, a well known veterinary dentist, once wrote, “You cannot treat disease with preventative measure.” He was referring to all that a pet owner can do to prevent gingivitis, tartar accumulation, and periodontal disease on a daily basis.  However, once those issues have progressed to periodontal disease, the problems cannot simply be brushed […]

Dr. Rooneys Spring/Summer Tips

Tips to prepare your pets for Spring/Summer –          Make sure your pet is on a heartworm preventative. Pets can become infected with heartworms, a potentially deadly parasite, through a mosquito bite. It is essential that all dogs, even those who live mainly indoors, are on a preventative.  Many of those preventatives also protect against intestinal […]

Canine Depression – Helping Your Pooch Beat the Blues

Has your dog been acting strange lately? Moping around, listless, seemingly uninterested in just about everything? If your dog seems to be down in the dumps, canine depression may be to blame. To follow is some helpful advice from a Darien veterinarian to help you help your pooch beat the blues and get them back […]

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