Reduce or Eliminate Two Common Unwanted Behaviors

We understand that some pets have a more difficult time than others adjusting to the routines of everyday life and are here to help you reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors.  Two of the most common unwanted behaviors are separation anxiety in dogs and inappropriate elimination in cats.

Healthy Pets Need Healthy Teeth

Healthy teeth and gums play an important role in the ongoing good health and wellbeing of your animal companion. Periodontal (dental) disease is the most common disease of pets today with 80% of dogs and cats over age three having some form of dental disease.

Questions to Ask a Dog Trainer

Selecting the right professional dog trainer for your four-legged family member sets both of you up for success!  Every dog deserves a trainer who uses and educates owners about methods that foster mutual trust and respect to strengthen the human-animal bond and help eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Senior Pet Health Issues

A graying muzzle, increasing cloudiness in the eyes, and a slower gait are some of the more obvious physical changes you might see in your senior pet.  Exactly when these changes occur varies from pet to pet but, in general, pets are classified as seniors after the age of seven years.  Twice-yearly examinations and laboratory […]

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